Lythium earrings

29700 Ft

Hoop earrings combined with 24K gold or pure silver. The trendy lythium earrings are made of metal hoops with a twisted pattern in two sizes, creating an interesting and unique combination. Trendy earrings that take the trend of metal alloying to another level give you a feminine and contemporary look with a playful twist. The earrings are part of the Mixed-Metals collection, a fresh and trendy collection that uses different types and shades of metals to create original and varied combinations. The collection offers a variety of jewelry in 24K gold plated and pure silver that has been specially designed to blend in a variety of styles and ways to give a unique look with a trendy and up-to-date twist.

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Nagy karika átmérője 3cm, fülbevaló hossza 4 cm.


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